The Connexx Wi-Fi is a standards-based Wi-Fi system that can automatically manage the handover of the devices among different access points that are part of the same network in a completely transparent way.

For any device, the Connexx Wi-Fi is like a single virtual access point to which the device connects, without being aware of the presence of any other access point or of the switch of the connection from one access point to another.

This switch is managed efficiently and automatically from the network infrastructure measuring continuously the RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indication) of each device from different antennas and selecting the best access point at any time.


Technical features

  • the user is always served by the antenna in the best position ensuring the best signal quality and the best performance
  • the handover between different antennas is automatically managed by
  • the infrastructure and it is completely transparent to the client devices
  • that detect only a single virtual access point
  • the handover is not managed by the device (the device detects only one virtual access point across the entire area covered by the Connexx Wi-Fi) optimizing the use of the infrastructure and managing all devices evenly
  • the TCP/IP connections are kept active during the handover avoiding delays due to the renegotiation of the connections
  • the handover is performed between an unlimited number of access points without requiring any knowledge of the network topology and the location of access points
  • the handover is managed properly for moving devices up to a speed of over 150 Km/h without reducing the user-perceived quality of the connection
  • VoIP calls are supported (eg Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, FaceTime, etc.) even when moving up to a speed of over 150 Km/h
  • the automated load balancing of the connections among multiple access points allows the management of thousands of concurrent users
  • several access point brands are supported (OpenWRT support is required)
  • real-time geolocation and user tracking
  • real-time collection of information about connected devices (model, operating system, etc.).

A full range of Wi-Fi solutions

Connexx Wi-Fi: an innovative Wi-Fi system able to cover large geographic areas and manage thousands of concurrent connections using innovative algorithms for Wi-Fi antennas management.

Connexx Captive Portal: a customizable captive portal to manage users registration in a simple and secure way.

Connexx Data Collection: an automated and customizable data collection system able to trace connected users and collect different types of information in real-time (geolocation of users and information about connected devices).


A range of customized services

Development of mobile applications that integrate the Connexx Wi-Fi.

Development of systems for the collection and ad-hoc data analysis.

Integration of the Connexx Wi-Fi into specific infrastructures.

Success stories

Brixen Bressanone Wi-Fi

The public Wi-Fi system in the city of Bressanone (Italy) is based on the Connexx Wi-Fi to provide free access to all tourists and city residents.

The installed system covers most of the historic city center and uses the Connexx Captive Portal for managing user registration and to limit the connection time. The installed system has the following features:

9 hotspots with 19 antennas located in the historic center
more than 1,500 registered users
more than 15,000 devices connected


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